Clozette Tea Party 2017: Step Into A New Clozette

On May 20th, I had the pleasure to attend Clozette Malaysia Tea Party 2017 in celebration of their new Clozette look.  Partnered with Senka, Imagene Labs, QTTie and Zalora, Clozette was all set for a fun- filled afternoon tea party at Happ Cafe. Women graced the party in the Clozette’s shades of pink: Timeless White, Power Pink and Graceful Blush. Each of them dressed in their own individualistic taste and character, but together we partied with our common love for beauty and style.

This is my first time with Clozette. And hands down, they know how to throw a tea party with class and elegance!


First off, you can’t have a party without an Instagram worthy wall.

In this case, Clozette had 2!

A main wall for the party, and another in collaboration with Senka.


Clozette confirm


With blogger of Evil Nymph Stuff; Daphnée


There were also a selection of sweet pastry dessert…





Cool Story. 

Daphnée (check out her blog!) and I thought it was pretty cool that they had black macaroons. So we decided, hey! Why not try one of them! To our horror, the black colouring left a nasty stain on our lips and teeth. HAHA. So you can imagine us trying to keep our mouths closed the whole time. Thankfully, we managed to get them off by eating even more desserts. To anyone who saw us non-stop eating fruit tarts, you know why now.


Photo printouts and personalised quotes as take-home momentos.

I got Swanzillaa’s quote beautifully handwritten by (in collaboration with Imagene Labs) to remind myself how much more there is to life when I believe there are no limits to my imagination. This will definitely be an addition to my Wall of Quotes in my bedroom. It was interesting to see how people felt empowered by different quotes as they got them written down. Go girl power!


Loved how it turned out!


Gel manicure pampering sessions by QTTie.

The queue was never ending. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to get my nails done because there was still a very long queue even when the party ended. Heh. But nonetheless, their nail work on the other ladies looked amazing!


Thank you Clozette for inviting me to your tea party!

I had such a blast with you guys! Congratulations on your new look! And I can’t wait to hear more exciting news from you!

With Clozette Co-Founder and Creative Director; Kersie Koh


Ahead, some goodies from the tea party!

A gift from Senka. Love the packaging. Couldn’t bear to unpackage it


clozette quotes
Your daily dose of women empowerment


Thank you Senka, Imagene Labs, QTTie, and Zalora for the giveaways!