Diana N Dom : Scalp Treatment

Having bleached hair is all fun and pretty on the outside. However, for your scalp, it’s not. Although bleached hair still does some damage to the ends of your hair, the scalp is no less affected once you do a full head of bleaching and colouring like mine.

Diana N Dom are not only experts in hair colouring but also in hair maintenance. Recently, they’ve given me a scalp hair treatment that left me feeling fresh again.


The aim of the treatment was to unblock the pores and get rid of the dead skin, which usually a normal hair wash won’t be effective enough.

First, they scanned my head and showed me the condition of my scalp. My pores were blocked with oil and my scalp had some dry skin. Soon enough the treatment process started where they first balanced the PH level of scalp, steamed, cleansed, and finally washed. The whole process took about 1 and a half hours where they finished it off with blow drying and quick styling of my hair.

A final scanning was done to compare the after results. I could see clearly that my pores have definitely been unblocked! You can identify this when your oval shaped pores become more defined and is curved inwards. Other than that, the skin had a glow that looked cleaner and healthier.


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I was impressed with the efficiency of the treatment and how quick the results showed. I highly recommend this to anyone to give your scalp a pamper with this treatment. Regardless of whether you have ever bleached your hair or not, your scalp deserves it!



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