Barbaric Encounters

About to pull out a Luffy scene.

I fell in love with writing when I was in a depressing state that I couldn’t get out of. Rumination of the events were a vicious cycle but nonetheless it was also a form of slow, torturous therapy in which it was emotionally and psychologically unnecessary. And yet I still tried to comprehend the very situation and the humans that were involved within. Why did they do this? How can it even be possible? What in the high heavens and depths of hell can be the reason of their unfathomable actions? It’s as though I was Sherlock Holmes without a Watson to answer my questions. I understood, but yet I did not. How very contradictory.

Today was one of those days.

The situation was clear. Apologies were made. Cursing and mad yelling occurred. Offensive? yes. But defence was not portrayed back.

A spit in the face.

After apologies.

That’s what’s unfathomable. All my years I believe that the human race has evolved into a species that is deemed for its intelligence (cue socially accepted behaviours and attitudes) in which becomes upgraded over the years and generations. But a spit from one human being’s face to another? After apologies were made. I see a degrade. I see how inhumane a human can be even till this very day and age. Come on, we’ve moved from stone age to the renaissance to the 20th century. Virtual attacks have surpassed the age of spitting. Keep up with the times.

What made the whole situation even more highly fascinating was the the actions of the by- standers. Because I see none! Nada! Zip. I suppose it was as fascinating for them as it is to watch the video where Harambe the gorilla gets shot when the kid somehow manages to fall into the moat. Well, you might as well pull out a bag of popcorn and get cozy with some blankets! Because there’s nothing you’re gonna do to set some justice right. Oh, and apparently some agreed that spitting on the face was not offensive. Refer to previous paragraph on human degrade.

I cannot grasp the human race anymore. I have lost hope and have given up the last shred of compassion I have to humans.

Have we not move pass our barbaric ways? Has our psyche been on a standstill? Or is there still anything left within the soul of humans?

And to you, European woman in your possibly late 50’s (I can’t tell if you’re just old or just having wrinkles), what good does it do to your beauty salon when you spit at another? What impressions do you wish to give to the eye witnesses? And what are you thinking when you thought you can worm yourself through defending yourself by stating it was just an accidental talking spit? If it was accidental, I do sincerely hope you get that checked with a doctor. However, I firmly disagree with your blatantly fabricated lie.

And to you by-standers, wasn’t that just a bloody good show?