Since 2012, me and my sister, Faith Colleen Rundi, decided to open up a blogshop called Fashion Reconstruction.

We aim to service our customers with comfortable, trendy, and fashionable clothing which suits anyone and everyone at an affordable price. Other than that, we sell a wide range of bags and accessories which includes necklaces, earrings, belts and scarves.

Fashion Reconstruction also has its own line of DIY items that are unique, personally designed and reconstructed with love.

All of our goods are specifically handpicked and imported directly from Hong Kong. Order forms, shipping and payment details can also be found on the website itself.

It is our policy to ensure our customers the quality of our goods are of high quality and user friendly.

Click the link below to find out more! Happy shopping! 🙂

Instagram:  fashionreconstruction

Twitter: FashionRecons

Facebook: Fashion Reconstruction

                             razerback shirt            silver shirtanchor bagnecklaceDon’t miss them out!




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