Tit for Tat, Darling

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

What a night! I thought as I walked with my hands hooked around Joe’s arms in the quiet streets. With my Ruby red dress shuffling about my knees and my hair nicely curled and styled, I rested my head lightly on his shoulders, smelling the scent of cigar on his black coat. It was such a wonderful night at the Circo’s Nightclub. With so much dancing and music, I feel my legs sore and tired from all the excitement back there. An image of the young lad who sang back there had the most exquisite voice and piercing blue eyes. Yes, he is quite a handsome young man, I do believe he will go much more further than just singing in a nightclub. What a pity it is for such beautiful voice. Perhaps I’ll be back there soon, without Joe that is. Joe is no fun anywhere.

Ahead of us was our dear old friend Phillies’ diner, where the room was still brightly lit through the glass windows, with only a single male customer and Phillies himself busying with the order. A decision to pay Phillies a visit and have a quick drink was then decided. We entered together, took our usual spots and was greeted cheerfully. Such a nice man, Phillies is. He is rather old, however, to be working at such late hours at this family business of his. 

Joe and I both took our orders, with him having a cup of coffee while I had tea. I do love myself some tea. Joe was still chatting away with Phillies as Phillies got our orders ready. Having no interest to interrupt, I glanced around and caught sight of the man sitting to the right side of us. He had a raven black fedora sitting slightly slanted on his bowed head which covered my view of his face, leaving only his upturned mouth to be seen. My gaze wandered beyond his strong stubble jawline to his fine black suit with a crisp white collared shirt and a glossy black bow tie. His hands were placed on the counter in front of him, making him seem as though deep in thought. A light faint scar stretched across the back of his right hand. How very odd, I thought, that Jack too had-…..Oh no. It can’t be. All colour drains from my face as my fears turns into reality. The man slowly lifted his head and all too familiar intense grey eyes stares back into me. With his eyes dancing with humour, he smirks. Placing his elbows on the counter, he steeples his fingers in front of his mouth. Jack, my love, (well, my other love) is here.

As much as I didn’t like lying to Joe, my affair with Jack never quite ended when I wanted it to. Joe didn’t deserve this, and I knew too I had to stop seeing him, but I can’t. We somehow managed to fall back into each other when an opportunity arises, each time leaving me guilty but wanting for more. A vicious cycle it is, but so very intoxicating as well.

Keep a cool head… I reminded myself as I kept his steady gaze. I yearn to lunge at him and give him a smattering kiss on the lips. It has been quite a while since I last saw him and I have missed him. He really is a fine sight as I held my breath drinking in his beauty. A little too good looking for his own good.

Instantly, I was snapped out by my sweet reverie as Joe mentions my name in a comment with Phillies and they both burst into laughter. I followed in suit, trying to cover my rather lack of attention. Discreetly, I gave a sideway glance to Jack and he’s bringing his cup to his mouth, while his eyes alight with amusement and a wry smile creeps up on his lips. The bastard…he knows of my doings. Feigning innocence, I gathered my fiery red hair to one side of my neck, exposing the other to him. Grateful that my body hugging dress flaunts my shoulders, I flashed him a flirtatious smile. Jack’s lips parts and runs his fingers across his lower lip salaciously. Having him so close yet unable to touch, a heady combination it is.

Upon payment, Jack stands up gracefully and shakes Phillies’ hand. To my shock, he heads towards Joe and shakes his hands too. Alas he turns to me, I offer my hands and he brings up to his lips and kisses my knuckles gently. With eyes hooded, he bids me goodnight huskily and gives me a lascivious wink before he turns and leaves. I flush crimson and watched him walk out through the doors. Using all my willpower, I refrain myself from running to him.

Joe’s lips presses into a hard line at the sight and I excused myself. The nerve of him to do such thing in front of Joe! I checked myself in the mirror. My cheeks are flushed bright red and my blue eyes filled with life. Hastily, I open the tiny note that Jack has slipped into my hands.

“Circo’s Nightclub, 10pm next week. See you, darling.”

Oh dear. How am I to resist him?

In response to Writing Challenge: Find a Muse in the Masters