Sip and share

If we were having coffee,

that would be because the tea selection seems to be pricey and limited. I’d sip the coffee slowly and wondered what if I could try the other selections of coffee. Well, I wouldn’t want to buy them but a good sip would do.

I’d tell you my week and I’d ask for yours. I’d listen to your stories of that certain someone that caused you to feel a certain way. Things like how they treated you or the funny jokes that they told. I’d listen and digest what you’ve said and mentally make perceptions and judgments of you based on it. Whether you are kind or rude, funny or bland. It seems a little harsh but it is true. I don’t mean to, my mind just instantly does it on its own.

As for this week, I’d tell you that I had a laid back week. And that this little taste of paradise will only last for a week and one week only. Next week I’ll be back to hustling and trying to breathe for some air. I would have to fill my head with studies, choreography and family responsibilities. There would be no time even in the presence of time.

I’d tell you that time is precious. But I suppose you already know that. I’d tell you I wish for more time, which is undoubtedly impossible. We’d both end up sighing and smiling sympathetically.

You’d sip your coffee and I’d order a piece of cake.

Silence would fall and it wouldn’t be a tad bit awkward at all.