Believe Eagles Pink Office X Girls Gone Rouge


On 22nd January 2017, I was really excited for Believe Eagles Pink Office X Girls Gone Rouge soft launch. They’re not the usual big shot companies with grand events and popularity, but rather they feel more like a very homey company that gives you what you really need.

Believe Eagles Pink Office has their very own company named, Girls Gone Rouge. Together they aim to instill confidence and enrich lives with the tools of beauty. By doing so, they provide skin care and make up workshops that are personalised to each individual’s needs. Their workshops are in the form of an express beauty course which are available in both classroom setting and one-on-one private sessions.




I loved the interior of the office! It had a white, pink and grey theme which really showed off their fun yet minimal personality. As you walk in from the main door, you’ll reach a wall filled with inspiring quotes that were framed up. One of my favourite quote was

 Admire someone else’s beauty without doubting your own.

It just speaks a lot about how we view each other’s beauty without really appreciating what we have.

And further down the hall lies a showroom! That’s where all the skincare and beauty products are being displayed along with some nicely picked out pictures of them. What really struck me from the grey backgrounds are 4 big white frames that shared the Mary Kay culture. It had a minimalistic feeling without being too cold which I really appreciated!

The Showroom

On one side, lies a hot pink fur table with some impressive make up tools- the make up bar! For all make up junkies, this is your heaven! Whilst opposite was a dressing table made of glass and a whole lot of class. Decorated with perfumes and make up brushes on each side, guests were allowed to sit and glam themselves up as they please. Paired next to it was a wooden stand that held a single pink petal rose in a painted white slim bottle, giving off a hint of rustic atmosphere. This is by far one of my favourite spots! Instagram was built to take pictures for areas like these.


Having an array of collections.
The Dressing Table
Loved the touch of pink on white


As the launch followed through, the 3 co-founders were introduced and were given the opportunity to share their story with their guests. Each of them had a different story to tell and each was unique. I guess that’s what makes their company interesting. With such a variety of life experiences, you’re bound to cook something out of the ordinary.



3 Co- founders (Left – Right): Amanda Yin, Sales Director Tracy Liew, Faith Rundi



Laughter filled the air and memories were captured. With an amazing trio and the Mary Kay spirit, I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from them! Thank you for sharing your special day. Cheers to your new adventure and many more exciting ones to come! ❤


Here’s more of what happened. Enjoy!

Credits to photographer: Wong Zhen Hua