Adieu, 2016

I had a new year’s resolution in the beginning of 2016 that I’d write at least one blog post a month. Well, I wasn’t able to write once a month, but I did manage to fill in the blank months that weren’t written with delayed posts. (HAHAH). So this will officially be my 12th and last post of 2016.

Here’s what I’d like my final words for 2016 to be for Swanzillaa:

“Dear 2016,

It’s been a blessing to have gone through the ups and downs with you. Your timing is impeccable as it just slips right through my fingers. This year I felt loved. Loved by a small circle of close knitted friends, but more importantly, by my family. The tough times were a struggle to get through. But to be honest, the good times won them over. I’ve accomplished so much this year and I’m proud of it.

As for this blog, it’s still my baby. And it is still a growing baby. I have yet to learn how to open up in a such a public space where everyone and anyone can read. Although I do know that’s what readers crave. Genuine words. I’m still working on it.

I have a new year’s resolution for 2017. That is, I hope to create more stories. I prefer the term ‘tales’. It sounds more … whimsical. I hope to have more time to create figures and characters that may or may not be from my life. Perhaps in that case, I may still share parts of my life while leaving the rest to be a guessing game. (Muahaha).

I declare that 2017 is going to be fun- filled, adventurous and inspiring.

I bid you adieu, 2016.

It was one heck of a ride, but another awaits.”




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