Holly Jolly Christmas


Candle lights in little glass jars were hung randomly in the garden. They looked like twinkling lights. A starry night. Then came a salivating whiff of smell from the wooden table nearby. Roasted stuffed turkey, lasagne, salad, grilled vegetables and a pot of creme of mushroom was served on the table for all to eat. A tiny santa claus was holding up a sign of the different cheese name on the cheese platter that was served together with crackers and grapes. People started to gather around the table and grace was said.

Sometimes a burst of laughter, and other times the classic voice of Frank Sinatra filled the house. Plates after plates, rounds after rounds, food slowly but surely disappeared and filled up the hungry bellies of the guests. Moscato was poured into my wine glass. I sipped, tasted its sweetness and decided I loved it. Savouring the dish on my plate, I listened to the animated stories being told around the table.

Then came the desserts. Apple crumble served with vanilla ice cream, Belgium chocolate cake, blueberry pie and a chocolate decorated yule log was presented in floral printed white plates. There he is again. That old man Santa on his sleigh with his trusted reindeers on the yule log. Glazed with icing powder, the yule log seemed to be shimmering in snow. I’ve had plenty but figured there’s always room for desserts, even with a highly stuffed and filled tummy!

The night continued on to Christmas carolling. Although we weren’t the best of carollers, and we often could not hit the high notes, we sure did have good giggle out of it. Jesus must be chuckling down at us from above. A duet was sung between my dad and sister, and through many trials, they managed to complete the song wonderfully. I didn’t realise what a simple but yet meaningful song it was. It summed up the story of Christmas. The true story of a baby before Santa Claus.

More wine, more food, more chatting. That was how it was throughout the whole night. There was only a few of us, but the house came to life with the joyous fellowship. Surrounded by loved ones, my family, and my dearest friends, it felt warm. It felt like the night was young, and Christmas wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

“There was no room for them to stay,

so in a manger filled with hay,

God’s only son was born,

oh hallelujah.”

– Hallelujah

25 Dec 2016

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