Lil Miss Time Traveler

Hello lovelies!

Everything’s been swell. I’ve just gotten over the exams period and finished my first Monash Dance Club annual performance. I had such a great time just performing, despite the slight mishap during rehearsals two days before the show. It happened during one of the lifts with my partner. As I recall, I was being carried down from a high lift, and as I consciously told myself to point my toes and absorb the pressure from the drop, a big ‘OUCH’ shot up from left big toe up to my brain. However, being shocked and even crazed by it, I decided to dance on until I got home. Gosh, did I freak out when I rested at home because I couldn’t even put my feet down to walk properly. In the end, I did manage to get up on stage and finished every single piece. 🙂 Perhaps it was a good thing that I jammed my toe. It did give me a sort of desperado and an extra push to be on that stage that night.

1920’s Flapper Girls: Charleston



I was extremely excited to be a flapper girl. It’s one of my characters on my dance life bucket list that I just had to check off and now I finally did!


1960’s At the Hop


I admit this was pretty fun! The amount of facial expression needed to be changed within each movement made my face muscles sore… In a good way!

1970’s Beat It


Behind The Scenes: We all had to run on stage before the rehearsed timing due to a technical error. It felt like it was such a chaotic state that I bumped into one of the girls and ended being in the wrong position and had to bounce/ dance my way back in place. The horror when the realisation dawned on me! *rolls eyes*  They said to smile off your mistakes and continue dancing, but in this case, it was frown it off and dance.

1980’s Dirty Dancing


This piece was a love and hate relationship. It took me pretty long to get everything right and I was always so scared of the liftings considering that they all required some trust and a lot of height. Jeez. But as I was performing it, I guess it kind rubbed off me and had a place in my top 3 dances.

1990’s: Smooth: Cha Cha




Behind The Scenes: I forgot my steps on show day. :p


2000’s Shakira: Whenever, wherever


This was one of my favourites. SO MUCH FUN AND FEELS just dancing and being our sexy, confident selves with the girls!

2010: Lyrical Jazz Duet : Bruno Mars- Grenade



AHHHH. We have reached this piece. With regards to my previous post, I was just extremely terrified to touch this piece. But I thank God that I had such a supportive partner that could put up with my anxiety mood swings. In the end, it just came down to being in the moment together for just those few minutes.

Behind the Scenes: I couldn’t keep my nerves in check whilst waiting to perform this piece. It seemed that the more I stood and stretched and walked about, the more the backstage room was going to consume me. And so I did what Maria Makarova did, I lied down. On the wooden floor. With my eyes closed and my arms stretched by my sides. I took deep breaths and tried to drown out everything. However, I could still feel my partner doing some heavy push ups. How on earth did he manage to pull off push ups after half the show, I have no idea.

A break a leg hug behind the curtains together and off we went on stage. And in that moment, I just didn’t have a single care anymore.

2012: Scream


With the fam: Take 1
With the fam: Take 2
With the jie jie


With my Vixenz babes
With Zhen Hua, my partner for ‘almost’ the entire show.
With Jin and his camera skills


With MPAC Fam


Camera couldn’t fit everyone in MDFC tho!


There’s a ton more amazing and talented dancers that night! Sadly, there’s just too much photos to show! Some are not even out yet, so this shall be just some snippets from those that were released. I’m so glad that I got to be part of this year’s theme, “Dancing Through Time”, which was about showcasing all dance genres from different eras in a panorama view. It felt like I was time travelling, becoming several people in one night, none of which are the same. Most of all, this whole journey made me love the dance floor even more. And although I may have cursed the floor for my stubbed toe, I now cannot wait to be back on it again.  🙂


Special thanks to my family and friends who’ve supported me the whole time. I know I was always busy with rehearsals, but having you watch me perform was one of the best things you did for me.

To Ms. Sharon, my mentor who has been patiently guiding all of us dancers up till the final show date. The show wouldn’t be created without your choreography.

To my dear partner, for making the time to have rehearsals, putting up with my anxieties and doubts, the occasional word lashing when I become frustrated, and just being the partner to journey with me, I thank you.

To my fellow dancers, I thank you for sharing the stage with me.


Alright. Enough emotional talk for one post! Hope you enjoy the photos and I’ll be back with my next post in July! ❤





Lyrical Jazz Duet: Bruno Mars- Grenade

Spartan Girls: Latin Jazz

Spartan Girls: Beat It

Opening Dance 

Spartan: Dirty Dancing


Photo credits: Sunny Lim and Yong Jin Kun

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