Croque Monsieur

Well, it has been a bloody good day, boomed the victorious voice in my head.

I just finished my ballet class and by golly, it sure is one heck tiring class. I sweat buckets and had to change my leotard, twice! My toes hurt and my thighs are sore, but I suppose that’s what it takes to gain some improvement from the lost time when I was away two months ago. I feel more in control of my body, as though it finally is mine to do as I please. Breakthrough, is what I have achieved tonight. And so, a celebratory drink- a healthy juice, would suffice for tonight.

A tiny barrel was placed on the table in front of me. Two young ladies sat across and poured drinks out of it. Lemongrass, they said were their signature drink. They as in the waiters. Fun, cheery and and some even a little mischievous. A handsome young man walked me to my table, and other cheeky fella took my order. I think he made my smile 5 times. There’s a sort of excitement that fills the atmosphere that I love to immerse myself in. Tiny yellow lightbulbs that hang off the ceiling gives an illusion of warmth and comfort, pairing it together with the rustic wooden furniture, I feel I am home. Home in another reality.

Walnut Cafe and Bar was its name. You wouldn’t miss it with its human sized nutcracker standing just outside greeting the passerby. Rumour has it that it only winks to those that enter. An extra treat for the special guest.

I am waiting for a dear one. Waiting to be brought home and have a nice bath. Waiting to slip on a silky night dress and be tucked under my crochet patterned bed sheets. I long to stretch my back and hug my bolster.

But right now, I really want some croque monsieur.


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