Pesky Snitches

I woke up with a clear mind and heart this morning. As I was getting dressed, thoughts of the past trickled back into my mind. And there it was, that pang of sheer anger and disappointment. Quite frankly, those two words don’t even seem fit for the emotions that I felt.

Anger for your weakness. Anger for your loud mouth. Anger for your unfiltered actions. Actions that transcended into the fate of another’s life. It was your rash actions and words that led me to a problem that I would have to face for the rest of my  life. It was my secret to keep and hold. You, as a woman, should know what should and should not be said. You of all people who loved to speak and preach about how love equates to hurt should know this. How funny it is, for someone so loving and dear to us, puts you on a pedestal for your doings that he is unaware of.

Disappointed because I thought that people whom you called friends will keep you safe and secure. Disappointed because I thought people would mind their own business. Disappointed because the act in the end, though was for good intention, is now utterly pointless. What good did it do I may ask? If it was for the betterment of me, what good did it do?

Make no mistake that I am writing for the whole world to see. Because this, is what gossip, poor judgement of trust, and irrational impulsive actions do to people. If you are reading this, I will not lie and sugarcoat saying that I wish you do not feel the burn in your soul. Make no mistake that I am writing this about you.

If you do not read this, and someone else does, let it be known that I have not ratted this issue to you personally because I see no point in making my statement. After all, a pedestal has been made by you.

If none of you read this, let the world know the rage of people who have suffered this.


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