Hearts and Crafts

There is nothing more fulfilling and calming than having to redesign your blog into the very image that you picture it to be. Opting for a more gentle and pastel theme, I hope it sheds some light that I am not all doom and gloom, but rather possessing a side of sweetness within.

In the recent post, I seem to have rambled on boredom and the lack of excitement. But in return, stability and consistency is regained back in my life. So now, I paint them with pastels and am determined to make these pastels into a work of art. Make no mistake that I have not replaced the connotation of such previous dramatic colours for the current ones that I face now. I have come to realise and accept the fact that it will be different, and it can never come close to it. It is neither good nor bad. It is simply different.

I believe that people come into your life and walk out out of it for a reason in which hopefully one day, you will be given a straight answer on the whys and what. Perhaps it is because it does serve as an encouragement for those of us who miss a certain someone. For with this concept, we are allowed to believe that our memories and walks with them are not without a cause. Detachment seems to be an easy task for some. And I believe, that no matter how convenient it seems, detachment is never a clean slate.

I saw a new flower and decided to bring it home in hopes of replacing the dried up one I have in my drawer. When I got home I couldn’t bring myself to drop the dry rose into the bin. After much thought, I decided to keep both and hung it at different places. Perhaps this way, we can coexist.

If there were no alternate universe, and there were no dreamlands to pursue, then there is only one reality we all must face. One of it revolves the hard truth of humans and relationships. That perhaps there will always be a person who walks in, and another that exists in parallel. It can be assumed that crossing paths perpendicularly is destined, but what comes after will be unknown. Perhaps in this universe perpendicular crossings are only met once. Do we have a place in this game? Do we, dare I say it, have a choice in this matter? But if it is destined, who knows? You just might be that blessed one.

We love. We miss. We wish.

But at the end of the day, we just might be the ones who tie ourselves up.


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