Sussed and About

Sometimes I smile and look through, other times I reluctantly pull my hands and eyes away from sorcery and horrors that would do me no good. At times a tiny brave voice inside of my blood pumping, soul hosting heart would persuade me to take a peek. No harm in that , would it?

Most of the time it wouldn’t bother me. Rarely it did, occasionally it will.

Social media is a facade.

Admit it or be hung by the gallows.

I thought to myself, if I knew that it was a facade, why would it bother then? Well, its a facade, it isn’t real. Most of it to say the least. It’s only a showcase of the greener paths and a distraction from the withering grass.

Well, what a good fellow.

Charming, isn’t it? How delightful it is to be whisked back into a trance. A time where one’s thought of being in control and invincible, tied down yet free, hidden but exposed.

Perhaps one is reading this but doesn’t quite follow through. I guess it was never meant to be followed through.

Occasionally I visit, and I think to myself.



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