Drinking in the Lemonade

Being an utter failure does not really seem like a failure when you have someone backing you up. Just a thought.

Currently in the Monash dance studio typing this down while Adele’s voice sing in the background to a breakdance beat. Six men, two women. Six men on their hands and feet, two women on their butts with their hands and eyes fixed on laptops.

Chapped nail polish on my fingers and toes. Have I mention that my right pinky finger has not heal yet from the tragic mishap during one of the dance lift?

I cannot wait for rehearsals to end. I cannot wait for the dreaded driving to end. I cannot wait for everything to end so I can start something new. Something that is not as stressful. Something like sleep. Something like couch potato. Something like wearing your heels and dancing to some Kizomba. (not that I know how to)

But it sure as heck beats the test, exams and rehearsals.

It’s nice to know that you have someone to meet up in school and just spend your day there. Someone who you can spend time slacking with like playing computer games together before heading back to equations and endless streams of bombastic words. Someone who you can watch a movie with on the laptop while sitting on plastic cushioned chairs. Someone who you can walk with and buy sweet bits and fishballs together when things get excruciatingly lethargic in the library.

Someone once told me to count five things that I’m grateful for before I get back home from a miserable day.

I’m glad that someone told me that.

And I’m glad I have five things to be grateful about.

Am I an utter failure at things? Yes, probably at driving, playing computer games and starting things without slacking.

But at least I still have my sanity. That itself is not a failure.


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