Well, frankly.

I’ll just be straight up with things.


Don’t let others deal with your business (or If you’d like, shit). Why? Because everyone has their own things to deal with. They have their own shit to go through and things to do. No, on the contrary, it is not self-centred because you’re taking care of your own responsibilities and at the same time not burdening someone else. However, this is not to claim that it is wrong to ask for help. Again why? Because asking for honest help means that one is unable to perform a certain task on their individual strength. Hence a helping hand would definitely be much needed and much appreciated.


You are master of your own emotions and being. Hence what you wish to see and hear which often results to what you feel and how your perceptions are formed is entirely up to you. Blame your nasty eyes and fingers.


Emotions are there to regulate ourselves and bring us down back to the grim reality that we are human which indicates that nothing is actually in our total control. It makes us powerless. It makes us humble. At some point, it makes us feel alive and grateful of its existence. From my experience, emotions don’t stay long. They are the ones that create memories which in fact cause them to be realistic and unremovable from our mind. So truth be told, there are no shits to give. If you’re happy, oh goody. If you’re not, well, then you’re sad and that’s all there is to it.


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