Pick up a flower. Put it back down.

Sit in a car. Place the comforting bag over lap. Hug it with dear life. Don’t forget to clasp ever twiddling fingers together.

Look left and right, then back to the window. Trees passing and cars falling back.

Not as significant, but time is of the essence. Tick tock tick tock.

Take a whiff and feel the cushion beneath. This is nice. This is home. This was once home.

Out of the car and into daylight. Eyes gawk and heads turn. Never fully knowing the reason why, but assumptions are satisfying enough to fulfil the wondering mind.

Sit down. Put down the bag. Left and right. What to eat? What should I say?

Oh well. There’s a conversation starter.

Well done. My insides are as stable as it gets. How fascinating.

Oops. Touchy topic. Walking in a minefield. Only this time I know when and where it will blow.

The other side of the story. The untold. The truth. Not the way it was portrayed to be, but then again it is nothing but the truth.

What then? What now? Does it matter? Should it matter?

Honesty. A fine line. A grey area. I give you everything. I give you honesty. But only the honesty in which I believe to be best suited for you. It is still honesty, is it not?

Yes, it does matter. Yes, it doesn’t matter.

For what more can I do?

Oh dear. Look at the time. The phone rings. The heart sinks.

It’s that time again. It’s that time to go.

Ducks head to the bottom of the chair. That was close. Just like old times, eh?

Always running, always hiding. The thrill. The rush. The risk. Just like old times.

A goodbye. A thank you. A hug.

Walk down the car. Close the door. Give a wave. Don’t forget to smile.


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