The Commitment List

Hello lovelies!

It’s almost been a month since I last posted something up. I don’t really know what to post up though. However, I do have some ideas up in the back of my head. Maybe I’ll be updating about some of the events I’ve been to, for example the choral singing event which I went as a make up artist for the performers, the Ballet ‘La Bayadere’ Ballet not too long ago, and even my trip with my family to Melaka.

As you can see from the above, it has been a hectic period. However, do note that all these happen towards the last week of my semester break which I have intended to stay home, be a couch potato and eat ice cream. Well, that plan didn’t work out.

So as the new semester begins this week, here are just the few things I have directly (intentionally) committed myself and time to.

1. I have committed myself to my church’s year end musical called “Esya”

Quite frankly, I’m pretty excited about it because I’ll be learning some of the dance elements that I’ve never really touched, such as contemporary. It’s pretty cool to be a dancer there. I’m stoked from the dance rehearsals because I really loved the ideas that the choreographer came up for us to work on. So raw. So deep. So dark. Goosebumps and chills.

2. I have committed myself to the Monash Performing Arts Club’s year end musical production. Name shall be posted soon as we still have a pretty hard time deciding on it.

As for this musical, I’ll be choreographing all the dances as well as some of the movements of actors and actresses on stage. To be honest, I’m quite excited and scared at the same time as this would be the first time something that big of a project has been passed down to me to choreograph. Considering the amount of dancers I have to handle in the project and the amount of time I have with them, it’s crazy but not impossible. It’s challenging and I do love a good challenge.

3. I have committed myself to choreographing dance pieces for kindergarten students.

Well , this next point isn’t really going to be a long term thing, so long as I choreograph and teach it to the teacher then I’ll be all good. This is how it all started. One day, one of my college mates messaged me and said her aunt was looking for a dancer who could choreograph dance pieces for a kindergarten’s year end recital. I then decided to take up the job. It’s been mentally draining for me to choreograph as this is literally my first time ever choreographing for kindergarten kids. The song… well, it isn’t all that horrible. But it isn’t all that nice either. Let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea in terms of dance choreographing. Lots of formation ideas and lots of hand effects. Yup, that’s what I’m going for in the pieces. It turns out that the aunt likes it and I’ll be continuing on this project till it’s all done.

4. I have committed myself to finishing the 100 Face Challenge.

Which will be extended for another month if I do not finish by the deadline. Still at my 20’s. Bloody hell. The momentum has dropped and I feel myself procrastinating. Must.. resist.


Okay, there is no No. 5.

If there is.. No, there just won’t be. I’d be mad to commit myself to another project. It’s a blind plunge into a suicidal whirlpool.

Did that sentence make any sense? Is it grammatically correct?

Oh wells. No matter.

And so August begins.


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