Day 1: The 100 Face Challenge

Just a week ago my dear director gave my unit a challenge in which after much consideration and thought I decided to give it a go. The 100 face challenge is to beautify 100 faces from 15 June to 15 August through conducting skin care classes with them. Seems pretty easy I thought to myself. I really need to push myself and I can do it by signing up with this challenge, I said. So here’s my daily blog on my 100 Face Challenge journey.

First official day and I admit I freaked out when I realised I haven’t gotten any confirmed bookings for myself.

I got so desperate that I almost wanted to just offer the bookings to a stranger that I barely know. Something like, Hey! How does a free skin care session sound like to you? The only thing was he was a guy and I didn’t think it would be the best conversation starter. Not stereotyping guys, I’m just aiming mainly for girls that’s all. Plus I was shy.

So I started messaging random people that I haven’t spoken to in awhile, one of which included my primary school friend that I haven’t talk to in 5 years. Thank God she replied and we managed to confirm an appointment. Yay to that.

I got really emotional too when two of my newly acquainted friends helped me to spread the word of the challenge where one was willing to drive his friends down to the office for me to conduct a skin care class and the other who I just met for one night only was planning to pull some of her girl friends in for the class. Damn those raging hormones for being that extra emotional. But for real, I felt so grateful to have them.

This is the first time ever I felt this anxious and nervous for bookings. Never ever have I felt this much sense of urgency and eagerness. Its definitely because of that nagging reminder that I have a deadline along with the fact that I have willingly written down my name and got recognised in front of the whole unit that I’m going to run and achieve this challenge. So, really, I have no where to run, no loopholes for me to escape. I need to get this done.

By hook or by crook, I will get this done.

And I need to get over that fear of calling people on the phone to get bookings.

Tomorrow. I’ll start calling by tomorrow and I will get myself some bookings by tomorrow. Yes, I can do it. Self motivation will be my new best friend from now on.

As of now, I have 1 confirmed booking and 2 pending.

Better than none I suppose.

Lovelies out there, if you could spare some time and have a free skin care session on how to maintain healthy skin as well as  earn some free gifts just by inviting your friends, you are most welcome! Thank you so much in advance as well!

This does not exclude you men out there too, okay?


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