Happy First Year Anniversary

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I logged in to WordPress and that little bell turned orange. That for me is quite an exciting moment because I love to scroll through notifications. And on the very top of the list, WordPress wished me happy anniversary!

Yup. It’s official! 🙂

It has been a year from today since I’ve set foot into the WordPress world, sharing wee bits and pieces of myself to the world through the blank tabs that are usually filled due to either head load of stories or a session of twiddling thumbs.

But it’s been one heck of a year 🙂 I’m not very good with spoken words. I don’t believe that I can fully explain myself fully through speaking but thanks to these blank tabs, they let me communicate in ways which I didn’t think I ever would have been able to face to face.

As much as I’d like to keep things in clear glass jars, I couldn’t do them with my stories and thoughts. So I thought I’d preserve them through the written word right here where I really have nothing to hide even though the risk of someone having the opportunity to read everything and exploit it is dead clear. Surprising isn’t it? You’re behind a screen so you feel masked but then again what you’re writing isn’t. And for my writings, that hasn’t been the case here. Blank tabs were like my listening buddies where I have no intention of hiding, no intention of withholding information (unless I really do feel the need to do so) because its just fun to let everything out, retell your tale or even letting your imaginations run towards the whys, ifs and could’ve. And I’ll say, blank tabs make pretty good memory warehouses too.

To whoever who ever read my blog, thanks 🙂 I hope it interests you and brings you all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings! (yes, even though not everything I write is warm and fuzzy)

So here’s to tales and fascinating warehouses,

Happy 1st Year Anniversary!

*Clinks champagne glasses


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