Yoncé Be Like

After the  hectic rush of trying to settle before my dear mummy leaves for her flight, my nerves once again began to calm down. Phew. It’s like rush hour. Your nerves gets kicked awake, and then next you just want to lie down and rest. It takes up so much of your energy to be that extra attentive. For all my fellow friends whose moms are air stewardess, i feel you.

Right now, I just want to sink to the floor and be one with it. I just sent an email to the musical regarding my bad dates. If I get pulled out, I’m cool with it. But if they are negotiated and I get accepted, then its God’s plans for me, eh?

I’m also pretty tied up with some of the work on Mary Kay. I haven’t had the time to get things going except for the skin care classes. I really want to do more, but damn it, it’s like I don’t have that extra hour to do it.

Final exams are coming up soon. (or should I say in a week’s time) Haven’t gotten myself to start studying though. Plus I have my driving license which is still very much on pause and has been an annoying little nag at the back of my head. Jeez louise.

Where in the world do people have the time to do everything in one day?

Tell me how.


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