Am I Throwing Myself Into The Frying Pan?

Currently caught up in a dilemma on whether to accept a musical role or to decline it. Part of me wants to take it yet part of me feels like I’ll be throwing myself into a hot mess whirlpool.

Note to self: this is gonna be your own doings.

Well, I have a dance show tomorrow which is pretty exciting because its gonna be like a road trip/ performance. We’ll be heading down to Seremban which is around an hour away. So there you go, road trip moment! I still have not packed yet and on another side note, I have not cleared the cleaned laundry yet. I’ve been telling my family to stop wearing so much clothes just so that this dreaded burden, I mean chore, gets lifted off my shoulder that bit more.

But you know what, my procrastinating self is just not going to do anything about it till tomorrow morning. Heck, I’m not even going to pack for tomorrow’s performance even though I fully know that it takes bloody long for me to actually finish packing for a single day trip. Also, I’d like to highlight that I have to leave super early in the morning tomorrow.


Cheers to my procrastinating, lazy self. Well done. *clinks champagne glass*

Off to bed I’ll go now.



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