They Didn’t Sign Up For This

When tradition gets mixed with human rights, do we get to have a say in it?

I just read an article that portrayed faces of women who have been brutally abused just because they said ‘no’ to men whether in hand of marriage or to let them wait. Beautiful women who lost a part of them that they could never regain back.

I don’t know much about the cultures and traditions being kept in those countries, but I do know that throwing acid at someone’s face isn’t the most respectable and humane thing to do, eh?

There’s just something very disturbing at how women are being portrayed here. It’s really just victim bullying with women being pressed down and caged up. At one hand, they are to accept traditions to follow the biddings of their family to avoid the dreaded face deconstruction process, and on the other, their existence just annoys the living hell out of their uncles or fathers, just because of their gender, which I now emphasise is not in their power to choose. They might as well not live. It’s a living and quite possibly going to be a burning hell (literally) just existing on earth.

Fathers, boyfriends, uncles, soon-to-be-grooms,

your mothers and sisters are women. We all just have different sexual organs and a feminine physique. But other than that, we all have the same type of sense and skin. We all have rights. And the very fact that when someone says no to you and you throw acid on their skin perhaps out of rage or just because you can, means you don’t even respect their rights. Because if tables were turned, if throwing acid was acceptable for women too to do it out rage, they already would. Sadly, in some countries, they don’t get that same kind of ‘rights’ or treatment. Heck, ‘honour crimes’ aren’t even applicable to you.

In all honesty, the aftermath of getting acid thrown over your body is not the prettiest sight. But one word did struck me when I saw the faces of these women who were ill treated.

Battle scars.

They aren’t the most attractive sights, and they probably need some stitching and fixing up (that is, if they can afford it), but they are a reminder out there for all of us. For the men to be protectors and lovers to women, and for women to stand up and to love the rest of the world.

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