Smack That

It’s 2 am and it would probably be a good idea to get some rest, but my hands are itching to get some things tabbed out.

Well, the busy season of uni has almost come to an end. This marks my almost-freedom-from-busy-things day. YAY.

There’s just so much that’s been going on with school, Mary Kay, and dance shows, plus the drama club with its upcoming musical production that’s happening next semester which I’m suppose to be in charge of choreographing the dances. Oh, right. I still have the church musical audition to think about. I’ve made it to the callbacks, which is actually quite a shocker for me because I totally choked on the singing. Not that I have the voice of an angel anyway. HAHA.

But with all the busy (or should I say sleepless nights), seemingly never enough hours in a day, and countless self-induced anxiety attacks, its been quite a fulfilling experience. 🙂 On the bright side of things, I’ve met so many amazing people and got to do so many things that are both new and something that I love. Yes, hectic as it is, but hey, you don’t get to get your throat slit open by some psychotic killer, eh? ( FYI: one of my roles in Night of Drama)

It’s just beautiful.

Yup. I guess that’s why my hands are itching.

Because I just wanted to acknowledge that it’s been pretty darn good ride. With all its ups and downs, and 360 degree turns, I’m throwing my hands up. (yes, i know how cliche it is to say that)

Off to bed now.

Be back in a bit!



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