March 2015 Highlights

I thought I’d do a compilation of the past events in March. 🙂 This is in no particular order because I forgot which came first.

And also,

I’d like to introduce this new baby of mine. :3

IMG_3494 IMG_3492

Yes, meet my newly arrived MacBook Air.

I am absolutely stoked about having a new lappie! My laptop borrowing and renting days are over! MUAHAHAHAHAHA. 😀

Moving on,

This is a dance job that I did for an insurance company recognition and awards night. We had to do a Japanese dance and belly dance. So not my turf. And what more the client decided to change our routine to being back to back, which made us change our choreography last minute and with little or even no time at all to switch and change into our respective costumes. Well, it was certainly a performance to remember because due to the lack of time to change, I didn’t manage to buckle my japanese sash/belt and the whole belt just fell out during the dance. Let’s just say with my hair untied (I forgot I had to tie it up but again I was rushing to get back on stage) and my kimono widely bared open, I looked like I either just woke up from bed and came running up on stage or I got raped. I am serious, it was that bad. But then what do you do when you have a wardrobe malfunction on stage? Nothing.

IMG_2959 IMG_2983 IMG_2981_2 IMG_2972 IMG_2968 IMG_2966 IMG_2960 IMG_2980

Sadly, we didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the kimono. 😦

Other than that, we were the ushers as well to usher in the VIPs.

IMG_2756 IMG_2760 IMG_2758 IMG_2757 IMG_2755 IMG_2754 IMG_2737 IMG_2735 IMG_2734

Next up, Estillio finally had a chance to meet up with our dancing mama, Silvya! 😀 It was so good to see her although she was recovering from dengue. Aiks. It wasn’t a very long meet up, but it sure is nice to just catch up on things. :’)

Take care Silvya! ❤

I got introduced to audition for a TVC job and part of the requirement was to dance and dress in K-Pop style. Me, my sister, AJ and Win Shian auditioned together while Sherry accompanied us. Okay, so I didn’t get the part. BUT, the dressing up part and hanging out with the girls are fun :3 but that jam during our way back- horrible.

IMG_3041 IMG_3045 IMG_3031


IMG_3089This next picture was a short performance we did in SEGI College for Women’s Day. 🙂


Last but not least, I went for my first education in Mary Kay which was Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS). Learnt lots of things that both inspires and motivate me 🙂 It reminded me of why exactly I decided to become an independent beauty consultant and am proud to be one. ❤

With Executive Senior Sales Director as my ESRS tutors 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to teach!
Won ‘The Best Dream Board’ award
Receiving my ESRS certificate
Class photo together with all our dream boards ❤
Our dreams on our very own dream boards. Mine is on the first row top left 🙂
Midnight doodling. Yes, stick man cartoon like figures are my signature. :3
Met Li Kweng during ESRS. 🙂
Class photo after receiving our certificates.
Class photo after receiving our certificates.

Yup! That’s pretty much sums up the main highlights of my March 2015. Stay tuned for April!



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