Weak Tea and All That Jazz

I like my tea weak.

It’s odd because I usually like it quite strong. Currently, I’m drinking my Twinings English Breakfast Tea which is probably my all time favourite.

Oh yes, I’m done with my assignment week which gives me a breather for a week. And I’m currently obsessed over the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey. Who would’ve thought their song choice would be so darn good? It’s on replay as of now. So if you haven’t gotten yourself to listen to it, you need to come out from that little rock you’ve been hiding under, put on your headphones and listen to them.

When is Sam Smith going to make his new album?

Updates: I’ve just acted in The FOPs newest video called Low Battery. They are an amazing production crew who films short videos every month ranging from comedy to action and all sorts. So do click thumbs up, subscribe and share if you feel the same way as I did in the video!

It was my first time ever shooting for a short film and I’d say it was a pretty fun experience. So much bloopers that it was countless, and the fact that the director and camera man was under the rain, props to you guys! Thanks again for letting me be part of your video. 🙂

Hmmmm… well, I’ve been having some thoughts lately. We don’t like to be forgotten. Even when it comes to the people we both like and dislike to be around with.

Yes, I’m stating the obvious here. But it is only recently I have come to realise the significance of it.

We don’t want the people that we love to forget us, but yet at the same time we too don’t want the people that has hurt us or we find hard to love to forget about us as well.

Wait, where is this all leading to? I lost my train of thoughts because my dad just called me as he found a really big tick on my dog. What. Now how did that happen?

I decided to change something to a bit more upbeat.

Frank Sinatra.

Ah, Frank Sinatra. Now these songs brings back fond memories. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired from listening to his songs. Classics.

I think I just found a muse. Hmmm.. might need to work on that later. Stay tuned.

Cause its wicked witchcraft, and I know it’s strictly taboo…

Clearly, there are some things we don’t really want to let go.

I have this sudden urge to go to a coffee shop now. Perhaps I always imagined my life would be a movie where something really would happen in a coffee shop. Maybe I’d meet someone, or something life changing would happen. Perhaps I’d stumble upon an adventure or suddenly stare into someone’s eyes that twinkle as much mine did when I looked up. Hah. Wishful thinking. It’s probably the cause from watching all those movies.

But isn’t life a movie? The only difference is we’re the ones acting inside and there simply just isn’t any take two. We don’t get to sit and take a good laugh just like sitcoms do, but rather we are the ones who are caught up in the situation. Now that be pretty cool if we could pause our lives and take a good laugh at ourselves. We’ll all wonder what in the living world are we doing.

It’s Nina Simone playing now. She’s amazing. I love her in I Put A Spell On You. No one can sing with so much soul as she did.

This is turning out to be a very confusing post. I’m terribly sorry of how unorganised everything was being written.

But then again, so am I.




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