Pretty Darn Good

I have one word in my head right now.

Oh no, I have tons to do and I supposedly don’t have the time to deal with this. But social media, being the blabber mouth it is, has caused a turmoil in my head, heart and spirit that I’m about to hurl and crash everything in my way.

Instead, I shall just sit here calmly and type everything out. How very…. me.

I notice that I’ve been complaining an awful lot, but really, I’ve been thankful an awful lot too.

I’ve met people that became so close at heart to me even though it hasn’t been a very long time. I’ve began to open up myself that sometimes I feel like I can open up more and more. I’ve been in stressful situations which seems to be funny now that I think back about it. I’ve heard stories of other people that I found fascinating and inspiring. I’ve gotten jobs and I have the education that (not that I knew about it before) just suits me perfectly.

I’ve learnt that what you throw out will eventually, one way or another, come back to you.

Saying out all those blessings makes me feel a whole lot better.

And most of all, it made me not want to say that single word anymore.


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