I’ve been away again so it seems. Currently having one of those assignment weeks where my procrastinating self decides to unleash and turn my life into one bunch of stressed hot mess. But hot mess or not, I feel particularly calm today even though I have 4 assignments waiting for me while I have one due tomorrow which I still am in a scramble of words to write.

It’s been quite awhile since I had that writing blockage. It’s where everything I put into that blank document seems to be wrong, seems to be off key. It doesn’t seem right. It’s not soothing to my eyes or even to my hands when I type them out. It’s actually just a simple task of providing your opinions and evidence from those long ghastly text. So what is really the matter?

I used to be good at it, giving all sorts of concrete argument. Sometimes turning nonsensical ideas into the opposite. But now, I’m here typing out that I can’t seem to get it back. There seems to be none of any sort of ideas to flow in my head at the moment. there’s no quick links of brain to connect the points from one to the other, or to come up with some seemingly brilliant and concrete idea which I find satisfying enough to put into words and write it down.

I’m drained and I’m terrified. This is not normal. Am i having a writer’s crisis? Is there even such a thing?


There’s not even a flow of words to write what I should be writing. But here I am having a train of thoughts irrelevant to the assignment at hand.

This is stupid.

I’ll head back now and stare at the 500 words I’ve typed out which makes no sense to me and which does not provide any sense of self accomplishment.

All you lovelies have a good day!

While I stare more into those wordy essays.

But no, really, I’m stressing out now. But it’s a calm type of stress because I feel no need to stress when I’m suppose to be bloody stress. What am I typing? It makes no bloody sense.

But does it have to make sense.

Now do you see my train of thoughts?

No, I shall not reply anyone now because I’m rushing. But here I am typing. Why?

Why should we study the media and not just consume it?

Bazalgette, may you please explain to me in person further.


2 thoughts on “Blank

  1. Aw, I know what you mean – sometimes you just hit a brick wall with essays! Especially when they pile up and you’ve got too much to do at once. It’s a horrible feeling. I hope you get some rest and good luck with your assignments ❤

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