Checkers be Checked and Butterflies Fly

Clearly I am in a super duper happy mood today! 😀

Hello everybody!

Let me just say there is an ongoing theme of checkered outfits this past week because I have been wearing checkered outfits for almost two days in a row.

I don’t know exactly why but I feel so light and floaty today, and not just the very dull and passing through everyone who walks pass me type of way, but rather like skipping and smiling and such. It’s probably from that contagious humour from the previous tutorial class I had. The tutor is just so easy going that I didn’t even feel like it was even a tutorial with all the dry jokes and such.

I’m suppose to be writing a letter to inform I won’t be able to make it for class but here I am typing. I feel like just signing the letter on *ahem* behalf of my ballet teacher, but considering how strict they have become, I have no choice but to wait till tonight to get the stamp from her. Jeez.  I’ll get started right away once I finish typing this. PROMISE.

I’m a tad bit nervous because I’ll be having my ballet trial exam tomorrow which I am so not prepared for. I can’t even remember the steps, let alone having to choose which specific dance I want to perform during the exam. Although it’s just a trial exam, I still can’t help but feel the butterflies and jitters from it. I guess you never stop being nervous before your performance as a performer.

Any hoooooo, I’m off.. for now. And I’ll be back in a bit!

Have a nice day everybody because you deserve to smile and be happy!


Much loves.


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