She Finally Got The Bench Right

It’s been a few hours since she’s been tossing and turning trying to get her restless mind to go to bed. She tried everything. From listening to music, to watching tv series and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, she tried them all, but it just wouldn’t do.

Oh for goodness sake. She wouldn’t want any dark eye circles for tomorrow. Wanting to look fresh and pretty for tomorrow, that was the whole reason why she put in the extra effort to put on a mask before bed and actually getting in bed way earlier than she usually does. She wanted to be there on time. After all, tomorrow is a special day.

He walked over to the bench, sat down and waited. Holding the flowers he handpicked himself, he inspected them carefully once more to make sure all were still in good shape. He picked an assortment of flowers, but all were in the range of reds. Some were darker shades, while others had a lighter spring feeling, with just a tint of pastel pink to it. However, he made sure one of it was a rose. After all it is her favourite flower. On his side stood a clear glass jar filled with cookies. Yes, cookies. Why cookies you may ask? Because she loves them and he knows it. If the weather wasn’t so warm, he would’ve gotten a tub of ice cream for her. But then again by the time she reaches, and that would be undoubtedly later than their appointed time (since when has she ever been early), the ice cream would have already melted. Hence he supposed that wouldn’t be a good idea. No matter, these would do. It’s been a while since he last saw her and he couldn’t wait to meet her.

It’s half an hour till they were suppose to meet and she’s still deciding what look she’d put on today. Denim shorts or flowered dress? Skater skirts or crop tops? Should I try something new like a pencil skirt? He’s never seen me in a pencil skirt before, she thought. This is exactly why she is always late. And she has her whole mind made up to change that habit of hers. Quickly, she donned on a white summer dress with blue flowers that stops right up to her knees. It had an A-line shape that was tight fitting on the top and flowed starting from the waist. She loved that the thin straps showed off her shoulders well without giving it too much away with the dress being at a considerable length. Once more, she twirled in front of the mirror and watched her dress swirl in a whirlpool of bluish white. Hurriedly, she drew on her eyeliner. Although he had told her she was beautiful in her natural look, she thought of dolling herself up just a teeny tiny bit for him. She took one last look in the mirror before dashing out the door. Hair brushed? Check. Eyeliner done? Damn it. One side is slightly odd but he wouldn’t notice would he? Lips? Glossed and ready.

Bubbling with excitement on the inside, she half skipped down the park towards their bench. She walked passed the bench that she waited on him before for ages and shook her head dismissively at herself. It was the very same bench that made her wonder if he was ever going to show up, or whether he had forgotten about meeting her. Well, all that pondering and anxious waiting could have been avoided if you would have just gotten the memo that it was the wrong bench! she thought and chuckled to herself. So yes, it’s rather silly, but the reason why they never met up previously is because she happened to be sitting on the wrong bench this whole time which she now knows after some enlightening from the very man himself not too long ago. So thank you very much for enlightening. Sigh. And you’d think she’d figure it out sooner.

Without taking another glance at that bench, she walked on to the right bench, the real bench where they were suppose to meet since a long time ago. Turning around the corner, there she saw him in t-shirt and jeans sitting while looking at the flowers in his hand. She noticed a jar next to him but she couldn’t make anything out of it without wearing her glasses. The struggles of being short-sighted is very much real. Suddenly, she felt real curious and excited about it. What could it possibly be? She can’t help but feel her smile widen and her heart beat a little faster. And at that time he glanced up and saw her. With a smile that reaches his eyes, he ushered her to come over. Seeing him looking that way with his boyish charm glowing around him, she wanted to throw herself at him right there and then.

Oh, it didn’t matter whether it was the wrong bench. All that matters is now. Now where they are in each other’s arms embracing and hugging each other. As though making up for their missed meet ups and lost time, she hugged him even tighter and held on to it. She wished she could stay like that forever, but then again they were suppose to go for coffee together, or in her current taste, tea. Tea and coffee it is. And now that she noticed that he brought cookies for her, she could have the cookies and tea together later together with him. She could feel her heart soften at the thought of his lovely gift. How very sweet of him to put some thought into it.

They have so much to catch up on, so much to tell to each other. But right now, even without any spoken words, hugging each other was enough.


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