Mary Kay Masquerade Party 2014

On 29th December, Mary Kay had a masquerade party to close the year and welcome the new year 🙂

Food was served, games were played and gifts were given to all! Followed by a sharing by Snow who is a senior sales director and has already achieved her very own pink car by the age of 25! Truly inspiring and motivating.

Estillio also had the opportunity to perform for the party. However, we were missing Ching in this performance as she couldn’t make it. But no matter, there will be another time 🙂

Everyone dressed their best and each wore their special and distinct mask. Some had feathers, while others had jewels and glitter, making it seemed we had all transformed to the renaissance era.

To top off the event, everyone joined in on my dear mummy’s birthday surprise by singing and wishing her happy birthday while my daddy brought up the cake 🙂 That’s some real sisterhood love bond going on. ❤ My mummy had to make a spontaneous speech right there and then, and my daddy was no exception either. Haha.

As closing, they all partied and danced around without a care in the world. Mary Kay really does have a bunch of sporting and enthusiastic women!

I loved the whole vibe of it, and I loved how welcoming the people were. They did their very best to bring up the hype of the crowd and to also make all the guests feel included. Even my grandmother came together with us in her shiny mask! 🙂

I really did enjoy myself throughout the night with my family, friends and everyone at the party. Considering this is my very first masquerade party, I’m already looking forward to my next!

Thank you Mary Kay for a memorable night. ❤

” Boy, I think you know who runs this house. “
Estillio (left to right) : Minnie, Win Shian, Faith, me
With my family ❤
Games and gifts!

Hope you enjoy our performance!

Much loves. ❤


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