First Blessing in January 2015

Hello everybody! 🙂

Big warm fuzzy bear hugs to you all! Oh look, it’s already the second week of the year. If you’re reading this, I’m terribly sorry I’ve been away for about a month. It’s just been so hectic with the Christmas holidays, my cousins coming over and along with my family’s Hong Kong trip that I hardly had the time to just sit down with my lappie and type.

PS: my lappie is a goner. So that’s a real bummer.

What can I say for 2014?

Perhaps it can be described as a tornado. You know, when a tornado strikes, all sorts of things get sucked up inside. Houses, trees, bricks, pots? and all sorts of things you can imagine. Well, 2014 has been a tornado of happy and sad, ups and downs. It’s exciting, thrilling, emotional, mischievous, cheeky, stressful, pulling heartstrings moments and all descriptive words. With it all being whirled and mashed up into a span of one year, I’d say it was the most adventurous and unpredictable year so far.

Then again, all things are relevant to time, which also means all things must come to an end at some point. So all good things and meaningful experiences shall be kept in their jars, whereas for all sadness, grudges, whys and ifs, I bid you farewell.


On to 2015! So, this year shall be the year where I start my university life in Monash University. 🙂

I really thank God for making my first preference of application for Bachelor in Psychological Science and Business to be unsuccessful. I’m serious, He literally turned down my application and allowed my other application in Bachelor of Arts to go through.

Why am I so grateful?

This is because, later do I realize how flexible the course was and I was not only able to study in areas of psychology, communication and some writing, I was also able to do some business courses to finish my degree. This course was able to give me everything I wanted to venture into in contrast to the previous course. So for this, I thank God that He always provides and gives the best 🙂 ❤

Secondly, I will also be venturing into a new career this year which I am super super duper excited about. I’m really trying hard to keep my fingers from sharing it right now because I just can’t wait to announce it and share it to all of you. But I want to wait till its official to get it out there. Hence I’ll be blogging about it within this month, so stay tuned lovelies!

I am a hairstyle, hairdo, hair accessories, hair anything addict. I collect hair accessories and try out all sorts of hairdo or styles frequently just because….why not? To me, hair is a major part of image and doing something to it just brings some fun and spice to your everyday life. So I was thinking….. why not go blonde? :3 Maybe I was a bit influenced when I had to dress up as Elsa in a blonde wig for a cosplay event last year, maybe I’ve always wanted a scene like type of style, or maybe I’m just bored of my hair. Whatever it was that pushed my guts to do it, I did it and never looked back. I am super satisfied and happy with it! I love the bold streaks and the way it brings the appearance of volume and texture when my hair is tied or untied. Plus it gives it an edge, which I absolutely love :3

On a side note, I will still be posting up my previous posts which were supposedly to be posted last year.. sorry for the hold up!

That is all for today. I wish everyone a blessed new year and go make some pretty good stuff this year!

Much loves. ❤

First time bleaching my hair, had lots of layers in front on both sides as well as the back, a big side swept bang which goes over the crown line and long enough to be tied up.

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