Cozy Blues

I wanted to write my little outings and meet ups with my dear Estillio on the very day that it happened but unfortunately I always end up very busy due to my frequent Ballet rehearsals. Not so much of the dancing that is tiring, but rather the waiting for my part to rehearse. You can say that we’re all corps de ballet, and only two main principals as Hansel and Gretel. No soloists which is quite weird for a full length Ballet… but as it is, we’re not a very big studio. We have a lot of younger grades students with only a handful of senior students so not much can be done about the casting and roles.

However, I will combine my those outings in one single blog post and another for me and my dear daddy’s little trip to Donutes for the very first time. A big YAY to that. And also I’ll be doing my first ever ootn for the ON FM launch which is on the previous post. Another big YAY to that. *YAAAY*

Currently using Sunway College’s library to type this out. I haven’t been using these comps in quite a while. Oddly enough I miss them. Maybe I miss doing things here.


I’m off to meet Win Shian and Minnie for brunch somewhere nearby and I’ll be working on those blog posts after it. It shall be done probably by evening! …. Okay, maybe night.. or rather late night.

Side note: I’m wearing new clothes from my recent craze and I just feel so new and fresh today. The slight drizzle keeping the air cool and clear just definitely brands today as a sweater weather day. My type of day. A lazy laidback , bumming around, just finished raining and I’m only starting to get out of bed type of day. No, the birds aren’t chirping, but I do like someDavid Choi at the moment. ❤

Heard his songs on one of Michelle Phan’s videos, absolutely loved him, and went to search him up.

First few songs I’ve heard from him was this:

But currently, feeling exactly like this song. 🙂

Enjoy! ❤


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