ON FM Launch Party

On the 2nd of December, me and a bunch of friends went to ON FM launch party being held in Capricorn. Our friend, Reiko, was one of the online dj there. Hence the invite and to be there to suport her. 🙂 It’s a new online company that has talkshows on anything and everything that goes on on the internet which you can tune in to listen to them. Basically, its like a radio but online.

It took me forever to locate the place. Thanks daddy for having the patience to drive me around, especially at that timing as it was jam as heck. ❤ Anyways, I arrived there and met up with my friends. It was sort of like a small red carpet at the entrance and you can even take photos on their screens with their logo launch or the faces of the DJs they had. Besides that, Capricorn’s appearance looked pretty cool from the outside so first impression was well made already. There was music playing outside and people dressed in pretty clothes were either walking in or hanging around outside taking pictures. As for myself, I couldn’t wait to get in.

photo 1

photo 2

The lights were dimmed and On FM promo videos were being played on all the big screens inside the room. There were tons of people waiting just like us for the event to kick start. Girls with long dresses and high heels and guys in smart shirts filled the room.Everyone seemed to know everyone. According to their red theme, everyone had to have something red on them. I was no exception as I was so glad to wear a simple strapless black dress with a striking red bag. Also side note, my feet didn’t ache one bit as they weren’t as high but still complimented my whole outfit pretty well :3

The event started with the introduction of the company as well as the DJs. It was then followed by some entertainment by a few artists and one of which is Guo Jing, a famous Taiwanese singer. Okay, not going to pretend like I know her because I really don’t. I don’t usually listen or get myself updated on Chinese songs so.. I had no idea who she was till my friend told me about her :/ But she sings really well though! I’ll be checking out her music from now on.

photo 3

Reiko and her partner on stage :).
Reiko and her partner on stage :).

They then had a group photo session and their official launch. After that was just free and easy as the guests could stay for the free flow of drinks and also to take some photos personally with the DJs. We sometimes had to wait for Reiko to take a picture due to her never ending line of fans. Haha. But we got to take loads with her in the end. Hey, when your friend is a DJ, how can you not? *wink wink*

Got to go Capricorn for the first time, support my friend and her event, meet a new friend (she’s Yee Neng and she’s adorable!), dress up, drinks on the house, bumped into a cute guy, met an old friend (Hi Ka Vie if you’re reading this, and no, you are not the cute guy :p), catch up with my college mates, ate mamak for supper… I’d say it was a pretty good night. 🙂

Us girlies
Us girlies :3
The ON FM team
The ON FM team
The bunch of us!
The bunch of us! Cher yi, Jovie, Jasmine and Yee Neng
Supposedly ON FM sign
Supposedly ON FM sign
Me and Yee Neng :)
Me and Yee Neng 🙂
photo 1 (4)
Me and Jasmine. No shame in a toilet selfie. No shame at all.
Had to take at least one of these..
Had to take at least one of these..
Me and Reiko :)
Me and Reiko 🙂

Thanks again for the invite, Reiko! ❤ Love you long time. Make sure to tune in to them guys!




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