Code Nonsense and Fast Cars

Well, this post was suppose to be made way earlier till I found out that my ‘Add Media’ and ‘Insert Link’ was not working at all on Google Chrome but available on other web browsers. Searched through practically the whole Google to find out it is a …I don’t know what you call it. Code error? What Javascript console unidentified reference nonsense?

I don’t know man… I really don’t know. I’m already so bad in technology, let alone solving some codes that look gibberish to me. I know I can still use other web browsers but I like using Google Chrome and I want to just use only Google Chrome. I think it has become a habit of using it. I just need to fix this okay.

So anyways, I’m using another web browser now. And I’m going to finish what I wanted to start.

It’s a bright and sunny morning, the birds are chirping and I just thought that this was the perfect song.


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