Pride and Prejudice with Christmas Festive Starbucks

Currently annoyed. Just annoyed and I just don’t feel like typing this out anymore but anyways, no point of being annoyed. So blank text tab will be filled up.

Anyhooooo, it’s 1st of December and look at how the time just flew by. It’s already the last month of the year. Honestly, I still don’t feel like it’s the last month at all. In fact it seems to me as if the year is never ever going to end.

Not much today really. I just continued my reading on Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Jane just got back home and Mr Collins had a visit with the Bennets. I quite like the way Mr Darcy makes small banter with Elizabeth. I guess that’s probably why they have such great chemistry together, even though they don’t know it yet. Or in Mr Darcy’s case, does not and is trying very hard not to have. Perhaps they always have the same wavelength of perception, just that it’s always the two sides of the same coin.

I quite like the character of Elizabeth. It’s as if she really does not care of what other’s have to think. She always have her own strong stand on her viewpoints which are hardly ever wavered by those around her, especially the women around her. She must have been born in the wrong century, for she, unlike the rest of the women of that era, have no interest in finding a suitable partner for the sake of finding one or because of the perception that that’s what women of those times are suppose to do.

Mr Darcy is quite a…. hard to put your finger on type of guy. He is always direct, a little too direct sometimes which makes him quite disagreeable to others. That I can understand. He seems to be arrogant, but at times his voiced opinions makes sense which makes me feel as though he has the right to say it because there is truth laced in it. I don’t know whether to like or to disagree with his character. Hence I am quite intrigued by him.

Mr Bennet (Elizabeth’s father) is quite an amusing man. He makes dry jokes and witty comments, especially to his wife. Just a side note there.

Moving on, I received a letter from my college informing me that I have been offered an admission to Victoria University Bachelor of Business due to my fulfilled entry requirements. A big yay to that! I might even get scholarships if I attend it. Not making any firm decisions yet, so I’ll try to attend their exploration week next year to find out more and in the mean time apply for some universities in Hong Kong and Monash.

Had a little outing today, no hauls… but I did try Starbucks’s Christmas specials. I picked their Christmas Cookie Frappuccino,Peanut Butter Creme Brulee and salted caramel butterscotch cheesecake. I really liked their Christmas Cookie Frappucino though. It’s so so so so sweet. So if you have a sweet tooth like me, you’d probably like it too, unless you prefer to have a stronger coffee taste. I am no where near a coffee expert and I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but I suppose it isn’t the best choice for strong coffee lovers. But I like it just because it’s sweet like caramel and it satisfied my sweet tooth.

I had quite a dilemma with deciding which cake to get. So in the end, I decided to get both! I picked the cheesecake and had it taken away the last minute. I just couldn’t leave it there.

As for the Peanut Butter Creme Brulee, I didn’t really liked my first bite. It felt weird in my mouth as if I’m eating a spoonful of plain peanut butter. However, it tastes better and better the more I ate. The caramel cheesecake was just absolutely sweet! A few bites of it and my taste buds are done. Nonetheless, it still is good and apparently my dad loves it. I think he has a sweet tooth too.

Good job Starbucks! Those little bits did make me feel a little bit more festive actually with all it’s sweetness.

That is all for today.


Ps. My lappie died on me before I could post this, but thank God for drafts!

photo 3
My dear daddy cut it before I could even take a picture. Oops. -Salted Caramel Butterscotch Cheesecake
photo 2
Peanut Butter Creme Brulee
photo 1
Christmas Cookie Frappuccino
photo 4
Just thought the take away box was really cute.






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