A little lost on 30th November, 2014

Look! I changed my blog theme…. YAY. 🙂 I finally had the time look through and change it, although it’s not exactly how I envision it to be. However, I will keep looking for one till I find one that’s just very….me.

*scroll scroll scroll*

Also as I was about to take in my new skirts that I mentioned from my previous posts, I realized that I actually bought an extremely dark navy blue instead of a black skirt. Hence I might have to get a black one when I see one. :3 I still love the navy blue though. It’s such a nice colour. I actually think it would look better on me than a black one. No matter, I’ll still get a black one just because it’s a basic colour.

It just stopped raining so it does feel a little chilly, but the sun is shinning slightly, making it seem like an early morning rather than afternoon already. A tad bit like a sweater weather day, crossing out the gloominess though. Just how I like the weather to be 🙂

My dear daddy is relentless on my university application. I know, it’s high time I look into it but I just don’t know what to look at. My whole year of having that expectation of going into journalism has more or less been thrown out the window, so…. what now? I have narrowed down to journalism, business and psychology. All a little far from each other, but that’s what I know what I’m good at or at least some of it that I’m interested in. So a yay to that. A little lost, but at least I’m getting somewhere.

Also there’s a Nutcracker workshop being held by Royal Ballet Ballerina, Sabrina Cox this coming December but sadly I can’t make it :/ There will be a 12 week course happening though throughout January till April which I hope I can make it but what about my ball room classes? I’m afraid I won’t have time for the course, keep up with my Ballet, piano and UG street dance. I feel like I’m about to spiral myself towards a tornado of busy and tight schedule again. But that’s what I love to do all the time. To make myself fully busied and occupied. And I have also been wanting to attend a cell group which till now I haven’t had the time to make it because all my schedules are constantly clashing. So… make wise choices, Grace. Try at least.

Prioritize and give yourself a breather, honey.

It’s taking me longer than I usually do to type this out due to my dear daddy’s bombards on uni applications. Which Hong Kong uni do you like? What course do you want to take? What about Monash?

I really can’t answer you or even give you a full picture yet because honestly.. I don’t know! YET. I’m still thinking. If God wants me to go Hong Kong, then I can’t say no can I. If the grand plan is to stay here, then I can’t say no to that either can I. I love you and I thank you for caring that much, but I am really trying hard to type this out. I still love you tho. ❤

Off I go now. Maybe laters.





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