Haul on 28th November, 2014

Guilty as charge…. but I have a new haul today. :3 In my defence! It was on sale and it was something I really wanted to get in a very long time, so….. I just can’t resist it. Hehe. Anyway, I’m super duper excited about it! It’s not anything fancy but it’s just something basic. I bought 2 skirts from Padini Authentics. Skater skirts, to be exact, and in basic colours which is a dark grey and a black.

I almost wanted to get the white one but I realized how see through it was and how much hassle it would be to always check that I wore the right colour of panties underneath. It wasn’t worth buying to me so with that being said, I decided to go against buying it. They had a pretty denim one too but they ran out of sizes. Boohoo to that then.

It took me quite long to get out of there because my eyes just had to spot something really and therefore I have to try it on. Plus the queue was just never ending and they had only two counters open which made really slow progress to the long and constantly getting longer queue. I had a dilemma with a checkered skater skirt that was on sale while I was queuing up. I was like hmmm should I? Should I not? :! In the end, I just closed my eyes and walked away because it was already my turn in the queue. But I have to say I’m pretty glad I didn’t buy that skirt. 🙂

Had Ballet rehearsals not too long ago and my pointe shoes did not fall of due to the new elastics that I sew on last night. It feels so comfy right now! 🙂

That is all for today.



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