27 November, 2014

Its around 10.30 pm now and I suppose I’ll be off to bed soon. I am having a terrible sore throat and cough at the moment so turning in to bed early would be a good thing.

Not much happened today except for the fact that I had piano class in the morning followed by following my dear daddy around to run some errands. Going to MidValley was one of the errands, so I was thinking why not check out the dance wear store there? Turns out they’re no longer there anymore. So for those who thought that My Dance Shop is still there, don’t bother looking in MidValley or believe their address in Google or the directory. I was quite excited to have a look at some Ballet dance wear, but then again, there’s always the online shop. So no biggie for that.

Then came evening where I had dinner with my daddy and began sewing my pointe shoes after that. Took me almost an hour trying to find the correct position and measurements for the elastics and ribbons to fit well on my feet. I find sewing pointe shoes very calming and at the same time it gives me that peace that I need before putting my shoes on for a performance. Some sort of weird pre-performance ritual I suppose, but it really does make a difference whether I do them or not.

Other than that, I have decided to grow out my fringes. YAY! But wait, I’m not just going to leave them like that. I have decided to keep the hair that was once part of my fringe as really short layers so that I can pull that all sweep-up-hair-with no-hair-line look. I’m not exactly sure if I can pull off that look everyday due to my super thin and soft hair. But I do hope those short layers adds texture and volume to my hairstyle, and if I really am going for a fuller look, a little hair spray and teasing would do the trick. So as of now, I am waiting (and trying very hard to be patient) to let my hair grow. 🙂

Side note, my supposedly confirmed Bollywood job as an extra dancer has been cancelled due to a shift in location. A little disappointed about it, but at least I get to attend my full dress Ballet rehearsals on that day. Oh wells.

Another thing that I just had to throw it out there…I have been currently very nosy to the shopping hauls of others as I just can’t stop watching shopping haul videos from the very pretty and sweet Youtuber- Zoella. She’s probably the reason why I have gone shopping crazy for a little while and have taken more interest in make up. :3

Random note, I just realized how quickly my Victoria Secret Pure Seduction perfume is diminishing away. I may need to get a new one soon then.

Off I go now. My coughs need some rest.



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