Wee Bits of Updates

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to be more positive and optimistic now, so I suppose a big hello would start this off really well.

Hello again! 🙂

I have been having a bit of an obsession for Boyce Avenue at the moment, especially for the lead singer. Honestly, I can just listen to him all day and feel like I’m floating on clouds or something like that. Just let that sexy voice cuddle with me!

I know I’m a bit late since they’ve been around for quite awhile, but I never had the interest to look them up before till now. So a big yay to this then! Ps: I find Alejandro extremely handsome and fingers cross that he is my next.

Another little update would be, I have graduated from AUSMAT! YAAAAAYYYY! Eight months have flown by just like that, and quite frankly I really do miss those 8 months right now. Or maybe it’s because I have literally nothing to do right now which causes me to want to relive those busily suffocating months. Anyhow, I feel very accomplished for graduating from it and what more as a March intake student. A little piece of advice for those I-can-handle-march-intake-pshhh-students, you’ll die or probably have a mental and emotional breakdown through this. So all the best then!

Next up, I’ve been a bit of a shopping craze. Okay, not a bit, a lot. The amount of things I buy is horrendous. From clothes to bags and accessories, I have bought them all. I’ve been planning to have a wardrobe change since the start of this year, so this is just the start. Also, burgundy seems to be the colour I’ve been purchasing quite recently. Blues are still always on my shopping list though.

I’ve had a good mind in taking up some ballroom classes lately, especially the tango. I just love the music and I would really love to learn it. Fingers crossed that I can find a suitable studio nearby my house!

My ballet recital is due in two weeks and I am so excited for it! I’ve seen my black bird costume, which I absolutely love, but not really for the trees costume. On a more positive note, at least I can use the leotard of the tree costume for my regular Ballet classes in the future, so… that’s a plus point.

Not to mention I’ll be joining Win Shian in her first ever contemporary class! I’m so proud and excited for her :3 and I really think she’d enjoy herself learning this new dance. I really do hope I can learn with her, but we’ll see. It’s annoying that this class is clashing with my ballet classes. Sigh.

I suppose that’s all for now. And since I don’t want to be mindlessly twiddling my thumbs in my excessive spare time nowadays, I think I’ll be putting them to good use here more often. 🙂

Bye bye!


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