Carpe Diem

Throwing on her light cream over sized cotton shirt, she closed her closet and turned around. Her full length mirror hanging at the wall in front of her showed a petite girl with long dark brown hair which falls onto her chest that swirls into waves at its ends. Pinning up her fringe, she looked like her old self- the girl who never dared cut fringes, the girl who didn’t like change. She just might grow out her fringe starting from now on to get back that look that she’s beginning to miss.

The soft thin fabric slid down her freshly bathed body, showing off faintly the curves on her body and the black panties that she donned on. One side of the sleeves slid off her shoulders, exposing them and making the shirt lopsided. Having the shirt to stop at her mid thigh, she looks as if she were wearing the most comfortable loose dress ever. Happily, she flopped onto her bed and thought about all that has happened.

A shy smile crept up her face when she saw him. Lots of previously forgotten worrying thoughts threatened to ambush her, causing her to close herself towards everything surrounding her. With a wave of her subconscious finger, she banished them away. She knew that they were not far off, and neither soon nor later that she would have to face the aftermath. But for now, she’d just be in the moment.


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