Counting the Little Things

  1. I have just received my beautiful bralettes from Cotton On. Thank you so much Jie for helping me to buy them! I love them so much. It’s super comfy and pretty, and the ones that I bought were fully laced. And I love me some lace. What more can I ask for..
  2. I just watched a really beautiful Waacking judge showcase by Princess Shayla. It was AMAZING. I loved the fact that she used a (1920’s?) type of Jazz song the entire time. It really was refreshing to see her use a different genre of music instead of the mainstreamed type of Waacking songs that are usually chosen to be played. Oh, and how can I forget the little twist in her showcase. 😉 A must watch!            Princess Shayla Judge Showcase- C’est LA WAACK Vol.2 
  3. I had a delicious brunch meal together with my dear daddy and we managed to talk about cars. Yes, cars, though only one car which is the Mazda Sedan 3, 2014. It is by far, the only car that has ever really caught my eye. ❤
  4. I am drinking hot Rooibos tea straight from the flask while typing this in the school library. Such a calming effect.
  5. Pride and Prejudice awaits my reading, and I too cannot wait to see how the story of the witty Elizabeth and mysterious Mr Darcy unfolds. Ps: I find Mr Bennet an amusing man.
  6. I am giving out my mother’s Mary Kay beauty fair flyers and I love how much she enjoys being in the Mary Kay business despite her rants on her schedule being constantly packed. Go mummy!
  7. I am performing as Black Gs’ backup dancer alongside with Minnie for the first time. Fingers crossed and praying that all goes well!
  8. I just glanced up and saw a cute guy. *squeals inside*
  9. I read an inspirational post by James Radcliffe on the necessity of unpleasantness in our lives. Truly a good read!
  10. Blivene International has been contacting me to join in their casting company. So far from the conversations we’ve had, they seem like a real friendly bunch. 🙂
All day, every day.
All day, every day.

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