Quote from Miss Maria

Perhaps it may all go away. Perhaps it may not.

Perhaps it would be better to forget it all and move on.

But no matter, whether it brings tears of sadness or tears of joy to you, it is still a patch of memory that builds up into your very own life. My favourite English lecturer once said,

“We take life as it is, and embrace it all.”

Some sort of revelation came upon me as I register that simple line into my head. There may be a time where we all have felt a little negligent to accept certain things that passes through our lives. Some of it hurts real bad and we dwell upon it far too long for our own good.

It is healthy to dwell, possibly cry and reflect over them, get your emotions sorted out and move on. But we tend to stop at the reflecting step, never reaching to the stage of moving on.

Time is all it takes for a wound to heal, a scar to disappear. Sometimes scars stays in our hearts, reminding us faintly about the past. But what if we could see it as beauty instead of an ugly, hideous mark. A mark that shows strength for we have risen to the challenge, surpass it and moved on with life with a wide smile and an open mind.

Thank you, Miss Maria Mahejah for that wonderful reminder.



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