Urban Groove Fam Ipoh Kampar Roadtrip

Last weekend, most of the Urban Groove family went down to Kampar and Ipoh together because Joel was judging competitions organized by D’Artiz Studio called Give Chance a Dance. What made it really significant was the fact that it was the very first time Estillio was going to take part in a compettition as a crew on its own (but we’re missing out on Ching… we miss you) and it was also the first time for myself to go on a road trip together with UG. So HAH!

I don’t know how we managed the whole trip but we were able to fit 10 of us, including myself into the Estima. Considering the fact that the guys aren’t exactly small, I think we did a pretty good job in squeezing into the car. The oldies songs from Jayhan’s playlist (or rather his mom’s?)  ranging from Chinese to English are still being played in my head as they were frequently blasted in the car throughout the trip. We only had the occasional switch of taste to our familiar Hip Hop when Izzy and The Profit’s CD was played.

There were lots of sleeping, laughing and super duper new level of lame jokes throughout the whole trip. My cheeks hurt from laughing too much. But nonetheless, it was real refreshing to see us as a dance family getting closer together as we lived under the same roof in Minnie’s family house for 3 days and 2 nights. I loved every second of it. 🙂 Thanks Minnie and fam for your hospitality!

Within the short amount of days we had, Mervin and Andre from D’Artiz brought us to various food stores to try out their yummy food! Omnomnomnomnom. I wish I could stay a few more days to eat more of it. Yuuumz. Spontaenously, we ourselves even set up our very own BBQ pit and started barbecuing food as our supper. Yes, supper because it was really late and it lasted past midnight. We even had the radio playing while we ate. This just proves even more that we can’t stand a day without music.

As for the competition itself, Jun Boon and Marcus formed a team while Estillio was on their own. Both our teams didn’t win any placing but it was a great experience where we can learn to improve even more. Despite the limited time us Estillio had to rehearse our piece, I’m still glad we were able to perform and compete on stage together 🙂 before my sister leaves for her further studies. And by then we’ll be missing another Estillio and my own personal driver. Why la why.

This whole trip involves a lot of first times for me, including having the opportunity to visit D’Artiz Studio for the first time and meeting their dancers in Ipoh in contrast to them coming over to KL.

Oh, another highlight would be, I got the chance to do Henna on my right side of the neck and top part of my right arm. 😀 Estillio went shopping and Win Shian found the shop and all of us decided to get Henna done on ourselves. She was so friendly that we made friends with her and got her Facebook contact. Haha. It was real cool to see the Henna artist cautiously draw intricate designs on me. Spreading her magical patterns onto my skin, adding in the little, less noticable but still significant details to make the flowers or leaves that bit more alluring. I feel mystical wearing them as if I’m some kind of ancient warrior with marks from the back of my ear running down my neck to my collarbone and from my arm down. But the guys told me I really do look similar to one of the character in naruto. I’ll stick with being a mystical warrior.

So the main point is I enjoyed the whole trip just chilling and getting to have a slight getaway from my hectic college schedule. But most importantly, I loved the company that went along with the trip because that was what made it so much more special and fun. 🙂

Loves Urban Groove fam. ❤



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