First thing, my ruby red flats failed me today as the sole came off during college.

Second, social media oh so conveniently allowed me to see images and posts of people that I really do not want to see as I have no intention to put my own emotions through a roller coaster again.

Thirdly, it has been a norm to me to perceive the results of my maths exam papers as the act of peeling an onion. In today’s case, I peeled an onion.

However, as I am now full on on positivity and looking on the bright side of things, today wasn’t that bad I suppose.

I manage to fix my shoe by buying super glue and pasting it back together. The shoe is now still functional and in good shape.

I don’t know how I am ever going to overcome this social media issue but no matter! I will be emotionally stronger and in better control of my feelings as time passes. In my belief, everything takes time. And so does this.

My business paper scored an A.

The day isn’t over. I still have my psychology and business assignments to work on and a whole lot more to achieve. Procrastination too seems to be a norm lately and I intend to change that.

Spread that positive vibe.


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