Childlike Joy

I saw a baby today and smiled at the tiny child as he smiled back. His mother held him tightly around his waist and swung him around as if it was on a spinning top. With his head falling backwards and laughter coming from the baby, it reminded me of something.

Simple childlike joy.

Since when did the world become so hard to be joyful but so easily saddened? All the mother had to do was swing him around a few times and all will seem like it’s a whole new world.

Often times we think ahead of situations and create scenarios that may or may not happen. The child did not think of whether the mother will drop him or whether by some wild accident be flung out from the mother’s arms while spinning. No, all he did was let go. He let go of all possibilities and embraced what this very new strange world has in store for him. Not only did he just simply embraced it, he welcomed it with a wide eyed, teeth showing smile. Laughing in the face of it, he watched as the world around him spin and allow something so small to amuse him like it was the best thing in the world.

Witnessing that sight, I was inspired by it. I believe that yes, risks are everywhere, problems will arise, and all these might hinder us from letting our minds be free from negativity, but that doesn’t mean we can never be free from it. You don’t see a child stressing over puny things, but rather he sees everything as an opportunity. He sees that the mom spinning him as fun and not a risk. Sometimes its okay to take the risk, let go and see where life will lead in due time- the ever present subject that seems to be never enough for us. Well, since it’s never enough, why not quit on stressing our own minds with problems that are temporary and most of the time solvable.

I loved that sight. I loved the fact that we once had childlike joy and still are able to have it. Although we all grow old and wrinkly, but I believe there is a child inside of us ready to take a spin anytime, any day.


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