Silent I Love You’s

Often times we long for those three words to be uttered to us in order to be assured that the person genuinely cares. I love you. Its simple, but yet it carries a lot of weight. Its meaning brings joy to our hearts knowing that someone in this world loves us back. Undoubtedly, we love hearing people saying to us I love you. Giving not only hope, it also gives us reassurance that we can have always someone to count on.

We usually say it when an opportunity arises, where we feel it is an appropriate situation to tell it face to face. We think that it may be a little awkward if you suddenly tell your friend that you love them all the time. At least, that’s how I feel. However, it also depends on how close I am to that particular person. Hence it still boils down to the situation itself. We don’t expect to hear an I love you all the time, because let’s be real, we ourselves don’t even say it every single time. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love the person or vice versa. Agreed?

I once stumbled on a tweet that says you don’t have to hear ‘I love you’ to know someone does and they gave a list of things people do daily for us that we don’t even realize.

“what are you up to?”

“Are you hungry?”

“Do you need anything?”

“I’m here for you.”

“Be careful.”


“You are beautiful.”

“How was your day?”

“Good morning.”

“sweet dreams, take care.”

“Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”

“It will be okay.”

“I miss you.”

“Have a good day today!”

And the list just goes on and on. Immediately I retweeted and favourited it. It reminded me of how much I am loved deeply by people everyday, but fail to acknowledge it internally just because they loved me through actions instead of actually stating those three words. Searching for love and evidence of that love, we often overlook it when all this time its been right under our noses. We tend to perceive those affectionate actions as just actions out of mere obliged kindness. We fail to read deeper into them and understand that the motives behind those actions are actually true sincerity.

Humans do love. It is only natural for us. There’s bound to be one thing that we love in this world, and when there is love, appreciation is tagged along. We cherish people and things that we hold dear to our hearts. Once again I use my glass jar metaphor. (I don’t know why, but it seems applicable to every situation to me) It’s as if we place our love for that person in a clear glass jar and place it on the shelf somewhere in our hearts. We clean its surroundings daily such as dusting off the dirt from the shelf, occasionally washing the outside or maybe even give it a fancy make over just by decorating it with ribbons and sequins and paint and of all sorts that you can imagine. The love inside might be wondering why we never seem to care for it as much because we never take that love out and give it a hello. It feels neglected because it feels as though its been trapped inside for ages. Although it can see through the clear glass that we’ve been keeping good maintenance for it, it still feels detached and left out because we don’t give it any direct attention. But one day, we take out the love, and it sees how clean and well kept its home (jar) is, how pretty its been transformed and most importantly how comfortable it was to be inside its home all these while. It realizes that it has been taken care of through thick and thin even though we’ve never really told it straight up. It knows it isn’t what it seems to be from the inside of the jar. Most importantly, it knows it is loved.

I admit I am like that bottled up love who couldn’t see past the clear jar. Am I blind or what? No, even a blind man would know when he is loved.

A simple act today reminded me again of this tweet. All it took was just a show of concern but that was all it took to smack a smile on my face and remind me of all the other loving gestures from people in my life. It made me realized a truth that I’ve often neglected.

You don’t have to hear someone say ‘I love you’ to know someone does. People speak their hearts more often than we actually realize. All we have to do is listen closely. That’s when we can feel the love that surrounds us. That’s when we too learn to love others.


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