Urban Groove ‘Bust A Move’ Dance Camp

Today was the final day for Urban Groove ‘Bust A Move’ Dance Camp! 🙂

We’ve been having workshops conducted by a few of the main UGians including myself, where I had the chance to teach girlstyle fusion. At first I didn’t know what I could really teach, but as the classes went on everything fell into place, even for the showcase choreography that I had to teach the students on the dance party itself. 3 classes to finish teaching the choreography get it to be as awesome as it can be! I’ll admit I was a bit stressed out about it. Sorry girls if I was fierce and strict on you… didn’t mean to but nonetheless, I am very proud of my students that they brought their best in their performance 🙂

We had the dance party today and it was really fun. First off, we started with having some light refreshment prepared by the guys. Then we had games where we were divided into two groups and each team had to send a representative out each round and follow the moves being danced by Luke. The group earns one point if all the steps are followed correctly. We had a blast playing that game. At one point, me and Minnie had to compete each other by following Luke’s step which was the 6-step and a freeze. Thanks Luke :p we didn’t know we could do those moves. (well, sorta) xD

The showcases were performed after the game and that was when it brought back all those awkward, embarrassing moments I had when I first performed at Groove Sessions back then. Seeing the girls getting nervous about performing reminds me of how I felt like them too back then and how much I’ve grown to till this point of time. It’s been a long journey but it’s only just the start. Cheering for each other, I could feel the love and support we have for each other as a dance family and I loved the atmosphere.

What better way to end the party than to end it with a cypher. With the music playing, we all got down together at the dance floor. Sometimes getting down also includes having fits of laughter. haha. I loved the positive vibe everyone was giving off and the fact that cyhering didn’t mean you have to throw out moves just to impress, but to just dance freely in your own way. 🙂

This whole experience was yes, busy, but I learnt a few things too along the way when I was teaching. Most of all, I had fun with my UG family. Loves. ❤

Girstyle Fusion :)
Girstyle Fusion 🙂

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