Dreamland Man

You see, I look forward to dreamland. Occasionally I get to meet up with this dashing young man. He said he’d wait for me at the bench outside the coffee shop where we always visit together. Specifically, I remember him telling me that I’ll see him holding a bouquet of flowers. No doubt red or pink roses. I love them very much and he knows it.


I could imagine him wearing his beige khaki pants paired with my favourite maroon long sleeve sweater of his, sitting at the side of the bench with the flowers in his hands, patiently awaiting for my arrival. A tiny smile would appear every now and then during the wait, as if he would suddenly think of a funny inside joke that we both share and silently chuckle deep beneath his great big heart. I love that sight too. 


He isn’t the tallest, the handsomest or the most muscular guy. Despite all these, in my eyes, he has the perfect height, not too tall or short, just enough for me to rest my head comfortably on his chest when I hug him. Oh no, he’s no Matt Bomer. Don’t get me wrong, he looks stunning to me all the time but he’s more the type of guy that has a certain air to him. A little mysterious and mischievous, as if he has his own little thing going on that you are excluded from and try as you may you can never quite put your finger on it. Another thing I love about him. He does have his moments when he does take my breath away. It’s when he stares into me. No, not just my eyes, but through it. He passes through the thick mask that I wear, straight to my heart, where my very desires, thoughts and emotions are, where everything is raw and vulnerable. Usually I don’t allow visitors near because you never know what they might do to the treasures and precious trinkets that you keep within. It’s not the first time someone manage to a grab a knife and stab me at the back while I attended to them during their visit. From then on I knew I had to start putting up fences and security cameras around just to be safe. He isn’t buff or overly muscular (not a big  fan of overly muscular men) but rather he was just lean. You could see from the way he unconsciously flex and unflex his muscles that he does work out. However, he still is a little chubby but I love it. That’s what makes him so huggable. Definitely a trait of his that I am hooked on! I really do need to start making a list of things that I love about him. 


We haven’t had a proper visit together yet in what seems to be a very long time for me. I miss him a lot. Sadly, tonight won’t be the night for that visit to happen. It would have to be another time then. It has to be. I wouldn’t miss meeting him if I didn’t have a choice. Just another 24 hours and we’ll meet. My heart is bubbling with excitement just thinking about it.


Did I mention how extremely sexy he looks with the slight stubble around his jawline?







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